Saturday, November 10, 2007

I don't even want to be doing this right now

and yet i am posting. what is the point in this? i have no reason to post, and no want to post in the first place...
and yet i am here.

well i am thinking about whether i want to go out tonight or not...originally i was just going to stay home with keith and watch a movie but then kenton called him and invited him to go bowling and the invitation was extended to me, and now it is up to me to decide whether we bowl or watch a movie. and while it's a movie that i really want to see, we can watch it in a couple days. and i do like bowling. but i'm just not sure if i'm in a people mood tonight. honestly, i'm kinda sleepy actually. i just want to go lay down and have a nap. i am content with being silent, and i know that if i go out i will either have to talk and make myself seem happy, or be silent and suffer the questions and looks.

i think i'll just go have a nap.

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