Thursday, November 15, 2007

Ode to Fish & Chips

oh fish and chips
how i long for you
i tasted you once and never again will i eat
fish or chips
the same way.
i savour your taste
fried in grease it may be
but to my taste buds
it is heaven.
oh fish, i dip you in your best friend
who goes by the name
tartar sauce.
the taste of the two of you
is like a beautiful dance
or a song in perfect harmony.
and chips, you too
have a dance partner,
who dresses in red and goes by the name
oh fish and chips,
how i long for you.
and i wait for the day,
when we three shall meet again.
fish with the partner of tartar sauce,
chips with the partner of ketchup,
and me with the partner of money.
oh i wait for the day
when the three pairs
will meet again
and begin, once again,
to dance.


Erika said...

hahaha, probably one of the most random things I've read in a while. that made my day! i ♥ fish and chips!

gracie said...


Derek said...

sounds like a silly song with larry

Carla said...

This is a beautiful ode. It made me laugh and salivate at the same time.
Congrats on the decision to get baptized. Good times!

Tante Carla