Thursday, November 15, 2007

Out in the Open

thought i should get this out in the open, just for anyone who doesn't know. and also because i know the people reading this blog will pray for me, and i really need that prayer over the next few days.
ok. i told mike that i wanted to be baptized this sunday. sooo....yeah. i'm scared.


steph said...

awww hunnie im sooo proud of you!!!! you excited? i'll bee praying<3

enji said...

HAPPY DANCE!!! SO EXCITED and definately will be praying for you. actually, right now, i'm gonna go pray for you- (check the other blog)

Erika said...

That's awesome! I am proud of you x34628228262561819. That's the closest I could get to putting it into words. haha. aimp.