Monday, November 12, 2007

It's way too late to still be up...

once again, i am sititng here, doing nothing.
but for once i actually want to be posting, i want to be updating this blog, i want it to have life.

but once again, i'm not quite sure what to say.

it is late, and yet i don't want to sleep. i do because i have to get up in a few hours...but on the other hand i want to talk, i want to discuss, i want to question. it is that time of night when i mull over things, and this makes me ask questions. partially because of the topics i was talking about tonight. i talked with carly and keith for the past hour and a bit.

ok, they did most of the talking. i mostly listened.

and they were talking about people they went to elementary school with, and where they are now in life.

and it made me think a couple of things.

one, that keith was very different in elementary and there's a whole bunch of things that i kinda knew but didn't really know the whole story. and how he was a bit of a player back then.

two, it made me think about where the people i went to elementary school are. and i have a big urge to find the graduating list of students and go through the list with someone and wonder where they are now, and to laugh about the memories that those names bring back. because i have years of history with those people, and there are memories i'm sure that are hiding, just waiting for someone to say the right word and call them out of their dark corner of my mind.

but now i suppose i should be off to bed, where i will wonder more until sleep overtakes my me, and dreams consume my mind. and maybe, if i'm lucky, i will dream of old memories.

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