Thursday, June 21, 2007

Hey George!

E is for extraordinary
R is for radical
I is for insightful
K is for kind
A is for athletics and academics

geroge (i still don't know why i call you that...) you are such an amazing girl. i look up to you so much! (even though i am older and taller...) you amaze me with how you are able to trust God with everything, and to give everything to him on a daily basis. i know it must be a struggle, but I continually see you moving forwards in your faith and taking leaps of faith. i know you are an inspiration to lots of people around you, and that you bless the people that surround you everday. thank you for always being there for me...literally...and for all the good times we've had together. i'll never forget our super long slideshow, eating frozen cookies from the freezer (i think i ate like 20 cookies...) or the countless sleepovers--some under the pool table. so here's to your sweet 16 (that was actually yesterday...) and in hopes to many, many more. i love you!


Erika said...

aww..thanks! love you too!

enji said...

erika!! i totally didn't know it was your birthday a while ago, Happy Erika Day!! you got some amazing presents by the sound of it
katie, post something new... you're usually the one i can count on for something new on the blog

Erika said...

hahaha...Happy Erika Day! I like that! lol.