Sunday, June 03, 2007

To My Duckie...

Funny Phrases
G is for golden hearted
R is for radical
A is for ADHD (somedays i wonder...hehe)
C is for compassionate
E is for enthusiastic

emo i love how you throw your heart and soul into everything you do. i noticed it in mexico, but i see it here at home too. you have such a heart of gold and such a servant serve everyone. i hope that today on your sweet 16 you let some others pamper you a bit! you amaze me with all that is thrown into your life, and how you make time for it all. and it's all so good! all your relationships, all your activities, you excel at all of them. it amazes me how you do all this and still find time just to talk. duckie i have gotten to know you so much over the past couple of years and i have loved every minute of it. you challenge me and surprise me all the time, and i thank you for it. thank you for all the good times that we have had in the past, and i know there are more good times to come. thank you for always being there even when i don't deserve it. you are truly a wonderful friend...and a lovely lady (when you want to be). keep after God and please don't ever leave me! i love you!

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gracie said...

awww thanks katie, ur amazing!!!