Wednesday, June 27, 2007

School's Out

well it's summer. no more school! yay! all my exams were actually really easy. and i barely even awesome is that. that makes me happy.

i know i haven't been here for a while. well, i've been here, but not posting. sorry to all you people who wait for me to update about my life! but i don't really have anything to say. school's out, i've just been chilling around the house and hanging out with a few people. i leave on sunday for camp--woot woot! what else can i say...hmm. i've been really tired lately. don't really know why. just have been. and i don't like it. i nap almost everyday now. how wierd is that? i feel old!

well like i said i have nothing to say, so i think i will go make some supper. or have a nap again. maybe both. or maybe just food. hmm life is strange sometimes.


Lynette said...

how long are you at camp? what are your other summer plans?

gracie said...

katelynn you are