Wednesday, June 13, 2007

My Birthday

well i'm sure some of you are just dying to here the details of my sweet 16...well anyways i figured i should get on putting up the details so i have friends by tomorrow haha.
ok well the only parts you really all want to know have to do with keith so that's all i'll put up here.
well at lunch keith, rachel, carly, janelle, leanne, and sam all came to dq by my school for lunch. and some of my school friends were there too. and keith was sitting beside me, and then he's like i'm going to go talk to carly (she was sitting at the other table). and i'm all ok why are you telling me but whatever. so i'm just talking to the other people sitting at my table when all of the sudden someone from the other table is like katelynn look over here! so i look over and keith isn't facing me but he has this new black shirt on. and i'm thinking oh a new shirt i've never seen that before...and then i REALLY see the shirt. and in purple writing it says katelynn will you go out with me. as soon as i saw that i turned my head and was like wow in front of all these people! and i started laughing a bit because honestly i really wasn't expecting it. and then he came over and stood in front of me with a rose and was like katelynn will you go out with me? and i wouldn't even look at him i was going red and i was staring at this lovely red rose he was holding...and then he's like katelynn you still haven't answered me. (which is funny because this is kind of like what happened the first time he asked me out...honestly that kid and asking me out haha or maybe it's me and my responses to him asking me out...anyways!)
and i was like yes (of course!) and then he gave me a hug and there was a collective "awww" from the people around me! haha. way to make a moment...yeah but it was good. so he gave me the rose, and the shirt, and a burnt cd with a whole bunch of cute little songs on it and he told me to listen to it until he could come get me after school.
then after school i was sitting around my house waiting for him to come pick me up. he had some plan...of course he wouldn't tell me what it was! so when he finally came to get me (he was late!) then we got into his car and i'm all where are we going? and he's all you'll find out...and then he blindfolded me! so i had no idea where he was driving to. and when we finally got there, he made me get out of the car and walk a ways until he took of the blindfold. and when he did take off the blindfold...we were down by the river. it was really nice out and very pretty, and there were a bunch of pelicans that we were watching eat the fish and stuff. and we walked down closer to the river and walked down there for a bit and just stood and watched the birds and the water flowing and talked a bit and just stood there i guess. but it was good. and then as we were leaving...this is great...i decided it would be fun to climb up the steep part of the hill, instead of going on the road. so ok it was an adventure. we were almost to the top...when i fell...and started sliding...and of course when i fell he fell because he was standing behind me. so we slid pretty much the whole way to the bottom. poor us. but it was funny. and then we walked down the rest of the way (very slowly, i might add!) and then took the road. then what did we do...oh we went to his house and made sidekicks and watched grease. it was good, i had never seen it before.
oh and he gave me my birthday present...apparently what he had already given me wasn't my actually gift. so i got evan hardy sweats and body butter...which is funny because i've been saying that i will buy hardy sweats for about a year now...and i still hadn't bought any.
anyways the day with keith was a lot of fun and i really enjoyed it. so it was worth all the waiting!


Erika said...

aww...that's so sweet! how are your parents handling all this?

katelynn said...

they're fine. i told them that he asked me out...actually right aways...but yeah my mom laughed when i told her how he asked me out, and my daddy said he could make his own shirt like that with duct would only have two letters! guess which ones! haha but no they are fine with it. so far. but it's only been 1 day so far!

Lynette said...

sounds like you had a great day.

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