Sunday, June 10, 2007

Something On My Mind

i don't know what it is. i really don't. but it's there. and it's annoying. because it makes me want to pace and think it out. but it's really hard to think something out when you don't know what you need to think about. this could be a problem. maybe if i just try sleeping it would be better...and maybe not.
this would be a lot easier if i knew what was on my mind.


Janelleee said...

I kind of did that tonight too...I had something on my mind but it wasn't there it was just a feeling and I felt so confused because it wasn't making sense to me.

enji said...

are you nervous about your birthday? is there something God might be convicting you about? is it something you've forgotten to do? or are you just krazy? (i like you)