Monday, June 04, 2007

Propelling Myself

am i lazy? some people seem to think so. namely my mother. today she was getting on my case about being lazy and always relying on people to drive me places. she wants me to get up off my butt, "propel myself" and start walking or riding my bike places. first point--i don't even own a bike! and on the other hand, i don't make people drive me, i'm fine walking. but if people are offering me a ride, or if they're going to the same place i am? then yeah i'm going to take the ride! i try not to make people come out of their way to get me, but if they're coming by my house and they offer, hey, i might as well go...saves time and it's a lot more fun!


Erika said...

just one question...did she actually (as in literally) tell you to "propel yourself?" word for word? that's hilarious.

katelynn said...

YES she did. and then i came back with some smart comments...haha i couldn't resist myself. and i was mad! and then she apologized to me later and was crying...which was really odd...yeah it's been an interesting day here at the roberts household. crazy is more like it!!!