Friday, March 02, 2007


well well well, it comes to this again--boredom! i find it strange how my life always seems to come down to that. well hey maybe it's my fault, because i'm not doing anything other than sitting here and can't get much more exciting in that, she says in a sarcastic tone. actually i have butterflies in my tummy because keith e-mailed me and he's like "i have a question i wanna ask you if i get a chance tonight" and it's probably nothing...but trust me to worry about even the smallest of things such as this! dumb i know, but sometimes i just can't help myself. maybe i do have an over-active's probably nothing. but still, it kinda drives me crazy, knowing that he's gonna ask me something tonight and not know what it is!!! and if he doesn't ask me tonight, i'll be going crazy all weekend...i'll try to keep it to myself, but i can only hold it in for so long! thank goodness for this blog. which has been pretty boring lately...that's the thing with this blog. if you look back, it's all these like deep philisophical thoughts...well maybe not. but deep all the same. it was all about my problems and how they were being solved and all that jazz. but's not that i don't have problems. because i still do...they just seem...different. this year has been way different than my year was last year...and i can think of a few reasons why that might be. but sorry don't have time to share right now. i have to shut of the computer since no one will be using it from here this weekend. adios! (is that even how you spell that??)

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gracie said...

last night was soo much fun!