Monday, March 19, 2007

Come to Me

i just gotta say that i absolutely love it when people come to me and tell me all their problems. not that i wish my friends would have problems...but i know it's inevitable that they will. and so i have to say, i love it that they come to me with all their woes and worries. not because it necessarily makes me feel good...friends having problems does not make me feel good! however, it does make me feel as if i'm some sort of use, as if i'm helping them out, when i can give advice, or just be a listening ear and a shoulder to cry on. or even just someone who will listen to them rant and rave (as i so often do to myself!). so maybe i am just saying...that i'm always here to listen. and i listen because i care so much, and i just want to help. so come to me if you need someone! i can be many different things, just tell me what you want and "your wish is my command"!