Thursday, March 08, 2007

The Producers

so last night keith and i went to see The Producers at centennial auditorium...oh pardon me, teachers credit union place...anyways. the show was so good! i had never seen the movie, so it was all new to me. but it was funny, and the actors were good, the music was good, the sets and lighting was was just a really good show. they did a really good job of it, i was impressed. and so was everyone else in the audience! it really is a funny show. and keith and i had a really good time, we laughed almost throughout the whole entire show! it was really nice to go see that with him. and i'm glad my parents let me go. they were thinking about it, because "it has all the components of a date" as my mother said. but it wasn't a date. at least, i don't think it was. it can't be. it wasn't, simple as that. but we did have a really good time. every time i hang out with him or spend any time with him it always reminds me of why i love spending time with him, and always makes me wish that we hung out more. but alas we don't. wait why am i complaining, i see him at least three times a week. anyways the show was just really awesome and hanging out with keith was a blast. probably one of the funniest parts was right when the show was about to start. keith had never been to see anything professional there, in fact, he had never been to tcup ever. so when the lights started going down and the curtain was about to rise he starts bouncing in his seat and going "ooh! ooh! it's starting! it's starting! this is so exciting!" he was just like a kid in a candy store...the look in his eyes was pure joy and amazement. gotta love it when people get such enjoyment out of the little things in life. what a hoot.