Monday, March 26, 2007

You Know You're a Band Geek When...

you hear that you made musicfest canada. and you cheer. in the middle of class.

yes ok i admit it to the world--I AM A BAND GEEK! i freely admit this to you all, right here on my blog.

haha good thing it's not more public. there's only a couple dedicated readers out there...i think.

anyways! today our band found out that we have been invited to musicfest canada...basically the national competition for concert bands, i guess you could say. this is a HUGE accomplishment for us, being a new band and all this year. we went to our first festival a couple weeks ago, and all three adjudicators gave us A's, which was the cause for our invitation!

the invitation is good for two years, so either next year or the year after we'll go. next year it's in ottawa, the year after, in vancouver. i'm extremely excited, no matter where we go. it'll be probably just under a week long, and we'll fly. how exciting!

maybe this will convince everyone to stay in band now.


Lynette said...

ahhh, but who knows just who those faithful readers will tell? We do have connections, ya know... And blog pages can be printed and held in trust for future events such as weddings, etc....tee hee hee

katelynn said...

oh wow now i feel scared...hahaha thanks lyn