Monday, March 26, 2007

My Billet Girls

Animals wow this weekend was insane, and i am so tired from it! but it was amazing and i don't think i would trade it for anything. so let's see saturday i didn't do much, just hung around the house and did some chores oh and got ready for the billet girls who came saturday night! they were so awesome i loved them. i've only known them for a couple days (and they're on their way home right now) but already i feel like we are really good friends. as one of them said "how nice to meet as strangers and to leave as friends that have had awesome talks!" or something like that she said. so i had a really great time with them. it's really fun to be a billet host family, especially when you get girls as nice as these ones were. they were my "rad billet girls" as i called them! haha and we were their home away from home, their saskatoon home, and their twin house...haha such good times. i wished they lived here so i could hang out with them...but if they lived here, we never would have met under these circumstances! so i guess they have to live in edmonton...oh well. we're planning on keeping in touch through e-mail, so it should be good.

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