Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Opportunistic Year

(is opportunisitc a word?? well you know what i mean: a year full of opportunities.)

Funny Phrases <--- why didn't someone tell me sooner...(kidding)

wow this year holds so much for me, and i'm still so young! (sort of) because when you think about it...well look at all the stuff i have done/am doing/might be doing:

~maui in february
~mexico in may
~possibly skydiving in june
~possibly applying for egypt (trip wouldn't be until april 2008 though)
~camp (maybe two!)
~going to my cabin (it seems strange to put that on this list but hey my cabin's pretty great)

and well just look at all that! and i'm sure there's more that i can't even think of...like really. i am so lucky...too bad everything costs money. oh well. if it's meant to be it will happen...haha, i hate that statement.

hey my new glasses came in! i'm going to pick them up on thursday afternoon...so i'll wear them to the missions meeting thursday night...i hope everybody likes them, i'm actually kinda nervous about it. wierd, eh?

well i better go get ready for my violin lesson, don't wanna miss that! hopefully my teacher is in a good mood. oh well i'm doing well in my song so there's no reason that she should yell at me. not that she ever does yell at me...anyways. other good news: finally bought my violin! just bought it last week...how exciting! but now that i know how truly expensive it is i get a little nervous taking it places...gulp. would hate to wreck it now. well would hate it before too i guess...so it doesn't really matter i suppose. well anyways that was my off topic-ness for today...wow this was completely a pointless post. hence the name of the blog is pointless and random stuff...

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