Saturday, March 17, 2007


ok grace this is just because you asked for it so here goes my boring update.

ok well so thursday i went on the band trip...yes i am a band nerd...haha actually it was really fun. way better than i thought it was going to be. i sat at the back of the bus with some friends and a bunch of grade nine's and actually it was really fun. convinced mark not to quite band!! woot woot! and he's kinda a leader in that group, so maybe none of them will quit now...see i do good things! like helping people not quit band...yeah anyways. so grace and i definately ate a whole bunch of here is a picture:
yes it is lovely i know. we had coffee/hot chocolate, doritos, cheezies, m&m's, chinese food, ice cream, poutine, orange julius...probably more junk...yeah band trips are our fat days. can i join the fat club now?? haha

ok and then on friday which was a day off (woot woot) i played settlers with jeff and keith. and i won. but i actually had to work for my win this time! and it was their first time playing cities and knights...i think i teach settlers too well. i've given away all my all they do is block katelynn so she doesn't "explode"'s frustrating sometimes to play with people when all they do is spoil your plans. and then you spoil one of their plans...and you think revenge is so sweet...but it's not. it really isn't. i do not get joy out of revenge. i realy don't.

on another note...nicole is getting her braces on monday. how exciting. haha i'm sorta laughing at her...because i know what she will go through. but on the other hand, i feel bad for her...because i know what she will go through. so i guess i'm just sorta neutral about that whole thing.

but i don't really know why i'm posting, considering i have nothing to say, and a whole pile of homework waiting for there you go grace. there's my sad little update for ya. comment your heart out. man i need something good to post about. somebody please give me a topic i can rant and rave about!


.into.the.rush. said...

super katelynn...bringing hope to band nerds everywhere! lol

katelynn said...

yeah that's me oh yeah i'm so cool go me!! lol

gracie said...


.into.the.rush. said...

do you like how i'm randomly commenting on all your posts?