Friday, December 15, 2006

10 more day until Christmas!

ok i cannot believe it. christmas is exactly 10 days away!!! well at least one of them is...yeah i have three christmas'. because of like extended family and my dad's side of the family is christmas eve (9 days away!) and my mom's side is usually boxing day...but this year we are having it december it will christmas/new years. an interesting way to do it. it'll be a break between all the christmas', this way we won't have 3 in a row, like we usually do.

anyways. tonight is the youth christmas banquet...and i can honestly say that i am pretty excited! i have a's not new, but it's comfy and pretty cool looking. i'm going to be doing my hair...hope that turns out. looking forward to eating some yummy food. and mexico applications come out tonight! which is awesome. but back the actual banquet. i'm taking a camera, and i'm going to take some sweeeeeet check back here if you want to see pictures of my friends and i dressed up fancy!

oh yeah this blog is definately the place to know, i think it's gotten more boring since i started posting all the time. whatever. not like i'm really posting for anyone in particular.

you know, exactly a year ago (december 15, 2005) i posted on this exact blog (no it was a different one...geez) and i talked about people having emotional needs. and i still think that everyone has emotional needs. how could you not? i also think that it's hard to figure out what those needs's not the easiest thing to just sit down and say i need this many people to ask me about my day, and this many people to remember my birthday, and this many people to give me a hug, etc. because emotional needs change on a daily basis.

anyways that's really all i had to say. besides, this class is over.
oh wait, here's a picture (yeah this is sooo random...)


erin said...

heehee! AHHH! i still have to buy a gift for my mom!!! what am i gonna do???? i have no idea what to get her!!

grace said...

i LOVE CHIRSTMAS!!!!!!!! i love katelynn

katelynn said...

thanks grace. haha...i don't know what to get for my dad!!!