Monday, December 18, 2006

Banquet (with pictures)

ok i would just like to say that the banquet on friday was totally amazing!!! i loved it, i had such a good time...i had a great table, too.


grace & leon


mylandra & curtis (her new boyfriend!!!)

keith (and me)


and ben.

it was great. i had such a good time arguing about food and how it should sit on your plate with jarred and keith...i was sitting in between those two, and just had a great time going back and forth between the two of them. and occasionally spitting out random comments into the conversation across the table.

and of course, there were other people there too.

like janelle, in her poofy pink dress.

and ellen and josh (oh the lengths i went through to get a picture of these two together...)

rachel and tired, sleepy, pregnant lynette.

and carly and kwad.

of course, there were still more people. we had 34 students there! but alas, i was not able to get pictures of everyone...oh well! i'm taking a camera to the all-nighter...hehehe, watch out! i'm out and about with the camera...and i want good pictures!

anyways that was mostly beside the point. the banquet was great. awesome food, awesome entertainment, some fun games (jarred and i pretty much kicked butt for our team! woot woot!), some great and yummy gifts, and just generally a great night. i had an awesome time. i wish this happened more often...i love dressing up and having dinner with friends.

hey guys...let's plan our own formal banquet!!! haha just kidding...or am i?


Anonymous said...

aww it looks like you guys had an awesome time! (without me! *tear...) you and keith look very prettyful...and i like josh in his shades and robyns sheep costume. very nice.

grace said...

ohhnice pics buddy.. hah i like that one of josh and

katelynn said...

yeah they're pretty great :P

steph said...

katie, it looks like im bald... not good