Thursday, December 21, 2006

4 More Days

well, there are four more days until christmas.(or, as bryn would say...five more she holds up three fingers...hahaha oh great times in english today)

boy oh boy. it hasn't really hit me yet that christmas is so close. well, it has...i mean, i've been decorating and buying and playing christmas music and saying merry christmas, and my family has started to roll into town, and there are presents underneath the tree, and there is only one more day of school left...but it still hasn't really hit me. normally at this time of year i am jumping up and down, there's no more school, yay, family coming in, lots of food, christmas baking, presents, yaddah yaddah yaddah. but i'm not jumping up and down. i'm not excited. and i don't know why. it's not like i'm dreading christmas. i'm not. i am looking forward to it...i'm just...not ecstatic about it. and i wish i was. i love jumping around and singing christmas music to no end and being all merry and jolly and all that stuff. but i'm not. tomorrow's the last day of school, it's a short day, and we have a pep rally. i don't even care. it's just so-so.

maybe it's just a mind set. yeah, that's probably what it is. well i am officially trying to now get myself into the christmas spirit. i'll start by eating these candy canes that are sitting beside me...

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