Thursday, December 07, 2006

Back to the Topic of Stealing

ok. one of my very close friends was going to steal a bag of skittles from the school servery.

right under my nose.

right in front of me.

no big deal, right?


i was ticked.

"where did the skittles go?"

"i put them back".

"did you really?"


"no i don't think you did, you haven't moved. and they're not back in the basket. are you trying to steal them?"


"no. you can't do that. i won't let you."

"big deal, i know i can get away with it."

"i don't care. it's wrong".

so i gave him the money to pay for the skittles. cost me money...but i couldn't just walk away knowing that there were skittles in his pocket that he hadn't paid for. not on my watch.

afterwards, another friend was like "you're just going to have to let it go. it's their decision. just leave it alone". and well...she's kinda right. it is their choice. but i can't just stand there and do nothing. that's like saying i don't care, or worse, saying that i approve. and i don't. i don't think that's right, and i don't want anyone doing that. especially not my close friends. because stealing now...that can just continue on and on, until it truly gets to be a big problem with the law or something.

as far as i'm concerned, he shouldn't be doing that. and i won't stand to watch that. but i can't just turn my back and pretend i don't see, when he obviously did it right in front of me. some people may think that's cool or whatever...not me. total opposite, in fact.

i trusted this guy. i knew he did this...but i never though he would do it in front of me. or lie to me about doing it, in fact. it hurts that he would lie to me...and it hurts that he would do this in the first place.

am i taking this too seriously? most people say i am...that i have too strong of morals, that i just need to let it be.

but i can't seem to let it go! and in some ways...i don't want to let it go. i won't just leave him and not talk to him anymore, he's a friend and i love him. but i can't just ignore this...


Lynette said...

i don't think you're taking it too seriously....sometimes all it takes is for one person to take a stand.

do the people running the servery know what's going on?

erin said...

are you kidding me? of course i don't think your taking it too seriously!!! i'm insanely proud of you for confronting a friend about that.
i'm not sure i could even do that. i'm not sure what i'd do in that situation.
you have no idea how proud i am that you talked to him. even if other people are telling you to lighten up, don't. its important that they know what they're doing is wrong and you don't approve.

steph said...

yup.... i definitly wittnessed this wonderful convo... i really admire you katie for going up and just saying that to him, i mean, i kno lots of ppl that would have just looked the pther way and ignored it, but not you... ohhh no, you actually took a stand for what you believe in. im proud of you. i also dont think that ur taking this all to seriously... some one hasta stand up...