Monday, December 04, 2006

Valid Thoughts?

ok. so i've got to be brutally honest here. carly is honestly ticking me off right now. and it's not because she's really making me mad or anything...but i'm worried about her. i don't agree with some of the things she is doing. and it worries me! i worry for her safety and for her feelings and just her in general, and for the people close to me that she drags into this mess. which isn't exactly a mess...but well do you know what i mean? i see carly doing all this stuff, and i don't agree with what she does. something bad is bound to come of it, how could it not? people have told her this, and she just kinda brushes it off. and it's like ok, i won't pester you, i'll leave you alone if that's what you want. but don't talk about it in front of me. i'm tired of hearing it. and i think that's something i need to tell her next time i'm around her. because i am honestly sick and tired of hearing some of those stories. i mean yeah it's nice to know how her life is going, and funny things that happen. but some of it is just too much.

and then there's the issue of her dragging other people into this...namely keith. now i admire him for being responsible and looking out for her at the party and driving her and other people home and stuff. i mean kudos to him, he took care of people who needed to be taken care of, and he did it responsibly and everything. but i am very close with him...and i don't want him in those situations. i really don't have a real good reason for saying that to him...i don't really have a position to enforce that or anything like that. but i do not like those situations, and i don't like people so close to me in them. it's a bit of a mess.

i don't like it. maybe that's why i was so quiet yesterday...i was imagining the things that they were talking about.

and i didn't like it. not one bit.


erin said...

very valid thoughts. i've been kinda struggling with what to think of carly. wait, no, not what to think, cause that's like judging her, but... how to handle what she's telling me. about the crap she always seems to keep putting herself through. and she seems proud about it or something, which is really scary.
i want to figure out who she is really. she openly and almost proudly tells people about all the stupid crap she takes part in, but she still comes to youth group all the time... i can't figure her out...
related to keith, i can totally understand you being concerned. it's good that your telling him your opinions about this and telling him that your proud of his decisions not to parttake in that stuff.

steph said...

ummma wow. i kno how you feel, katie, howmany of my close friends drinkand party and do hell knos what??? a lot of them, at first its just kinda like man your gunna get in sooo much shit but after a while it kinda dies down, i kno its really hard specially when kieth is involved too... you just havta accept that some ppl are just gunna ruin thier lives like that and there is nuttin that you can do... ikno i sound soooo mean and stufff....forgive me, maybe im being to relaxed about all of this.... you hafta look on the brite side(a really small one)at least carlyisnt doingany hardcoredrugs... at least not that we kno of and knoing how she lovesto flaunt everything she does... anyhoo, i geuss im just saying that im here ifn you need to talk... if ur still talking to oh and by the way... you smell funny lol i luver you<3