Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Another Random Post

Funny Phrases

yeah ok check that out i have got to be THE most random person ever...honestly i can say that and not feel bad for myself or anything. i actually kinda like being random. but it's pretty odd some days...and no i don't have a really clever example from today. although yesterday...i was pretty insane and crazy (steph you know what i am talking about...sorry you had to witness all that haha) but yeah i mean there are days when i am just COMPLETELY out of it...but i don't mind. and people that i spend time with...actually i think have kinda of started to...expect? from me. i'm the random crazy sometimes stupid blonde. and i'm ok with that. i really don't care. now, i'm not saying that i'm a complete doofus and that i walk around with my tongue hanging out and starting at people...cuz i don't. (generally)
but i do do some strange talking to myself. randomly changing the subject, or jumping into a conversation with the most random sentences. like analyzing my day. like running around screaming and laughing and not caring who is staring at me.
and yet i am a very self conscious how does this work, you may ask?? well keep wondering, because i have no idea and am not even going to try to speculate on it.

i would just like to say that this is a random post. there is not really anything interesting going on in my life right now, and i really want to post. so here i am posting...being crazy and just in general being me. this blog just hasn't really seen this side of me, because usually when i post i am talking about something really deep and meaningful or something. but haha whatever today i am not!

oh guess what. i am currently taking drivers ed. isn't that exciting??? i think it's alrite. not really that great i suppose...but still. i'm getting my learners in january!!!! woot woot i will be able to drive!!! we hope at least.

man i am so stoked just for stuff that i have coming up in the next six months...besides "something" (192 days i think haha). but there's christmas and new years, and my cousin/aunt/uncle are coming from yemen to visit us for christmas. and then there is hopefully the youth retreat, and learner's license, and hawaii, and two band trips, and possibly mexico, and possibly being accepted to go to egypt in my grade 11 year...i wonder when applications come out for that...anyways that was pretty off-topic. not that there really is a topic. but still.

erin left for phoenix today...and kellen left for florida. kayla leaves for hawaii they're all leaving me here alone!!! ahh well i will live and i actually do have other friends, contrary to what my sister thinks. but i do/will miss them!!!

my basketball team is doing secret santas. i have no idea who my santa is...i know a couple people of who it's not, but don't really want to know who it is. ruins the surprise, you know. but i haven't checked to see if i got anything yet today...and i really want to know! because if there is something there...well wouldn't that just be like the most exciting thing ever!? on monday i got a chocolate santa and a card. it's pretty cool. i haven't eaten the santa yet. i'm looking forward to eating it though.

yesterday we were supposed to have a basketball game against holy cross...but they are REALLY REALLY we decided just to have a controlled scrimage...but we didn't have any motivation, and we really didn't want to be there. so we pretty much didn't play and practically gave up. it was pretty boring. i think holy cross thinks we suck. which we kinda do...good news is that i scored a basket! yay me!! haha no it's not my first basket, i've scored before. and tonight i have practice and is the last one before christmas break so i think we are just playing games and watching a movie basically so yeah it'll be fun, one last time to see my girls...especially considering i wasn't there last week because of winter band concert. anyways. the bell is about to ring in this class so i suppose i will go now...isn't this the most random post ever? next year i will look back to see what i was thinking in december...and basically i will think that i am a wierdo.

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steph said...

yes katie... you are a wierdo... and that was a very random post so i dont really kno why im commenting.... ohh yeah... i guess it cuz ur my friend.... hugs and kisses<3<3