Monday, December 11, 2006

My Weekend

ok so i think i should catch the world up on my weekend. friday night was youth. girls night/guys night. it was fun. we girls went to robyn's...ate food, watched elf, played truth or's all good. lots of fun. then afterwards, i went to steph's for a sleepover. we just like hung around...talked, ate some food, played with her kitting, and watched csi miami. and slept a bit, of course. then saturday morning we got up and went shopping with kayla and caitlin. that was a lot of fun, we hadn't done that just the four of us for a while. then i went home...and did a little bit of nothing, then went to keith's soccer game. i must be good luck, the only game they won was the game i watched hehe. but really, they played very well. then keith drove me home and he was working on his song with my mom...and i was listening, and randomly checking my e-mail, and vacuuming, and eating, and practicing violin. and just when they were finally done, and i thought i would get to spend some time with keith...the people that i was babysitting for came to pick me up. grr. oh well. i had a really good time babysitting. besides the fact that i made $33, i got to watch shrek, have my nails painted, and play the game of life. i had an awesome time hanging out with craig and jennifer. i got home about 11pm, talked to my parents, and went to bed.

yesterday was such a busy and crazy day. but i enjoyed it so much! so here was a run through of my day: was very good. i quite enjoyed it. you could feel the drums in a piece of paper, or erin's bible. and my stomach was making funny noises. and i sat in the very front row...which was a little bit odd. some good singing though. and communion, which was good. pastor bryan dropped his mic...that was pretty funny.

1pm-1:20pm...frantically getting ready for the rest of the day.

1:30pm-2:45pm...playing christmas carols at alice turner library with caitlin, wendy, and grace. we did a good job. but i thought my mouth was going to fall off, it hurt so bad. and it was very hot in there. but still all right.

3pm-5pm...rehearsal for skit thinger that we had to do for the spirit of christmas. keith was a dear and brought me mcdonalds to eat...considering i practically hadn't eaten all day. we ran through the scenes about four was pretty repetetive, but we got it right.

5pm-6pm...randomly driving to mcdonalds to get carly food, then continuing on to my house to eat and play dutch blitz. it was pretty great. i kicked butt in one game. sweet. oh and i forgot to mention...before we left the church, we were just laying on the stage, and i was just randomly talking, and keith leaned over and squeezed my nose, and i started talking really funny so we started killing ourselves laughing (well at least erin and i did).

6pm-6:30pm...worrying about the skit. having our stomachs tied in knots. watching the seats fill up.

6:30pm-7:30pm...performing! and watching the other people perform. it was fun. i had a good time. we didn't mess up too badly. it went pretty good!

7:30pm-8:45pm...handing out treat bags to little kids. saying thank you to the people that complimented us on a job well done. complimenting other people on their performances. having robyn and lynette tell me and keith that they wished we woulda had to kiss in the play. "you were married and had kids, where was the kiss??? (194 today haha). cleaning up tables and chairs. me randomly getting picked and getting passed around...and finally falling on top of jeff on the floor (yeah that was awkward...). laughing at keith as he tried to open a sucker and broke it. then did the same thing to another one. almost killing keith with a chair. watching carly protect her cream puffs. cleaning up some more, and finally driving home with jeff and erin. well they gave me a ride was funny. i was laughing so hard...and so was erin. and jeff is like you two are crazy...but he was laughing too so it's all good.

so that was my insane day last night. and then when i got home, i had a bit of homework and stuff. but not too much. got into bed at like 11:30...after getting in trouble from my mom for talking on the phone haha. but it was some good conversations.

and today so far, life has been pretty good. boring this morning, nothing really too exciting happening today except now i don't have an accounting test!! yay! it got cancelled! i have an assignment due thursday...but i've got a couple days to work on it. basketball practice tonight. which will be interesting. wondering if i will get anything from my secret santa today. wondering who my secret santa is. thinking about how incredibly stupid this post is. but that's all right. because for all of you who keep up with my blog almost every day (and i know there are a couple of you!), you can be slightly interested by hearing about my weekend.


Lynette said...

sounds like a busy but good weekend. you guys did great in the drama!

katelynn said...

thnx lyn

grace said...

sounds like a crazy weekend, yeah good job on the drama thingy. leon and i laughed a lot.

katelynn said...

good! i couldn't hear any laughter from on stage and i was scared that no one got it or anything...

erin said...

wow, that was one intense weekend! so much fun though!!! talk with your nose pinched! heehee