Saturday, December 09, 2006


yesterday i found out that a very close family friend has breast cancer. i knew that she had been tested for it, as her mother has it, and she had found some suspicous lumps or something. i new there was an 85% chance she would have it, because her mother has it. but i still wasn't completely prepared for the news...i had tried to mentally prepare myself. i did an all right job...but not enough. it's still such a shock...i mean, this lady is someone that my mom grew up with. she has been like an aunt to me. i love her a lot. she has to have a major surgery before christmas...a masectomy i think they call it. something about removing the cancer, and a whole breast. i think that's what my mom said. i can't imagine her being gone. i don't even want to think about that possibility. but at the same time...i feel like i should mentally prepare myself. but i don't want to condemn her to death or anything. it's such a confusion. and a devastation.


erin said...

aww, hunny.
what's her name? i need to be praying.

steph said...

awwww katie... im sry, yeah, who is this, ifn you dont mind me asking... i think some prayer is needed

grace said...

heyy katie, i know thats hard.. my gramma went thru that too. ill be praying