Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Band Concert

Cute so today was the "first ever annual centennial collegiate winter concert". it was pretty exciting. we had a dress rehearsal in the afternoon, and it went pretty good. the only bad thing is that playing in the band...well our "uniforms" are black pants, black shoes, white long sleeved collared shirts, and red ties. wel in order to wear the ties (which are clip-ons, i might add) you have to button up your shirt to the very tightest top button. which pretty much chokes you as you try to play. so that's pretty interesting, trying to play and still be able to breath. and the evening concert went really really well...pretty much no mistakes. very good.

so yeah that was pretty much my day...taken up with choir and band trying to get everything together and "last minute instructions" and whatnot. it's been pretty insane...and throw basketball into the mix...well it's been a run around kind of day. but still good.

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