Saturday, December 23, 2006

Flowers for ME!

keith brought me flowers yesterday!!! and i have to was totally unexpected, and completely took me by surprise. but it was oh-so-sweet...soo funny too. i was pretty much speechless, i didn't know what to say. he brought me roses...they're soo pretty!! and because i am enjoying the sight and smell of them so much, i decided to share the experience with the blogger world! well, i guess you can't really smell them over the computer...but you can see pictures of them!

i took the above picture with the flash on, and it didn't turn out all that well...but the color is so intense, that i just had to post it...they aren't really quite that yellow though. they're more creamish.
there, that's a better picture of their true color...
closer up...

and closer still!

you have to admit, they are very pretty...they are sitting in my kitchen, and everytime i go by i just have to stop to smell and admire them...i've never gotten flowers before. i quite like the fuzzy feeling it gives me inside!!


steph said...

awwwww that is sooo sweeet!!!! merry christmas!!!!

erin said...

i'm like tearing up. that's so sweet.
they are amazing!!

Lynette said...

very pretty. you're spoiled :)

but you deserve it