Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Pre-New Year Resolutions

ok world so here is something that i am going to try to do--i am going to try to post on here every day.

i hope no one fell dead from the shock of that statement.

but seriously. i mean i just love being able to type/write everything out in my life, whether it's a serious life or death issue, or just what i did today. i just find that i always feel so much better after posting on here.

so if you're really keen on keeping up with my life, this blog is the place to be. daily stories, daily joys, daily aches and pains, my daily sorrows.

i know people usually make like new years resolutions or whatever but heck i can make them now.

i want to be closer to god, i want to learn more about myself. and i think that in a way, the two go hand in hand together. so therefore, this is going to be (in a way) my online diary. a place where i can be myself, and let it all out. where i can be close to god.


erin said...

i look forward to what you have to say everyday you post.
you're wise katie. and you have the capacity to make people think deep. i lover you.

grace said...

wow that wasn't a surprise hunn! looking forward to it. maybe my resolution will be to check more often and update!